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About Shinkou

We are trying new theme everyday to be the reliable partner.

Company overview

Head office building exterior
Trade name Shinkou Manufactory Co., Ltd.
Capital 20 million yen
Foundation 1977
Establishment December 22, 1988
Number of Employees 56
President Tomoaki Korogi
Director Seiji Yoshioka
Atsushi Kumanomidou
Associate company Ohmori Co.,Ltd.
Souma Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tekunokoushin Ltd.
Yukuhashi Works(Head office)
Seat 423, Shimosaki, Yukuhashi-shi,
Fukuoka, 824-0076, Japan
TEL: 0930-22-3068
FAX: 0930-22-3329

Nogata Works
Seat 1761-61, Chiko, Nogata-shi,
Fukuoka, 822-0022, Japan
TEL: 0949-22-2438
FAX: 0949-22-2439

Company History

1977 Koshin Engineering (individual) started business at Futajima, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka.
1982 Company name was changed at above place.
1986 We purchased Hayano and made it Yukuhashi works.
1988 December Company name was changed to “Shinkou Manufactory Co., Ltd.” on December 22.
1990 May Head office was moved to 423, Shimosaki, Yukuhashi-shi, Fukuoka.
Yukuhashi works was moved to same place at once.
Bridge type machine was introduced and Large machine processing became main business.
1993 April The technique department was created and it started to plan and manufacture auto and labor-saving machine.
1995 August Machine plant was built.
September Capital was increased to 10 million yen.
1996 October CAD and CAM was introduced.
1997 September Plate working and assembly plant was built.
1998 January Bridge type 5-face milling machine began operations.
2000 September Our website opend.
2001 July Large Wire cutting machine was introduced.
2002 February Layout machine was introduced and Examination plant was built.
May Painting plant was built.
2003 April The second large 5-face milling machines began operation.
2004 May The plant for the exclusive use of assembly was built.
October Multi-joint measurement instruments “Vectoron” was introduced.
2005 January Nogata Works began operation.
*We became to be able to process and assembly heavy machinery, and operate assembly line on trial by Nogata Works.
April The server was introduced and acquired domain name.
June The third large 5-face milling machines began operation (at Nogata Works).
October Painting booth was built at Nogata Works.
(16m x 80m)
2006 June Capital was increased to 20 million yen.
September The plan department was created and it started to plan and manufacture car equipment.
October 3-D CAD/CAM was introduced and plan room was created.
2007 January Small machine plant was built at head office plant.
April We gained ISO9001 certification.
July The bridge type 5-axis machining center was introduced.
2012 September The FARO’s portable measuring arms was introduced.
2013 February We introduced the five-sided machining systems.
2015 March We got the ordinary construction license, Installation of Machinery and Equipment.
2016 January The large three-dimensional measuring instrument(made in Mitutoyo Co., Ltd.) was introduced.
April The factory opening of business in China(Guangzhou City), operation preparations start.Guangzhou Shenshin Automation Co., Ltd. is going to operate in July.